Severe Macaw Parrots


A hand raised severe macaw is an endearing bird, always having an affinity towards interacting with its owner. A well-trained macaw can accompany you by sitting on your shoulder while you do the household chores. Although they are screamers, some of them are actually capable of fluent talking. If not given adequate attention, these macaws can be nippy and destructive.


Severe Macaws (Chestnut-fronted Macaw) is a wonderful creation of nature, commonly seen throughout the south Panama and Amazonian Brazil region. This small-sized bird with a typical macaw personality is for you if you are ready to be a full-time bird owner.

Severe Macaw: Ara Severus is one of the largest of the mini macaws, growing to a length of 45 centimeters and weighing approximately 400 grams as an adult. The severe macaw or chestnut fronted macaw has blue and red on its wings and a brown patch on its head. The skin is white with dark feathers around the eyes.

This agile and outgoing bird is a nice choice to own for bird enthusiasts. With its entertainment quotient and friendly demeanor, this bird is an absolute darling.


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