Fertile Amazon Parrot Eggs


Below is a list of some of the eggs we have for sale:

We are the best breeders of Amazon Parrot Eggs, and we sell very fertile candle-lit eggs of all species of Amazon Parrot. All our eggs are collected from very healthy Amazon birds in our Aviary, candle tested, and 100% confirmed fertile for hatching healthy babies. We are now taking orders from those interested in raising their own baby birds from the eggs stage. It’s fun hatching your own babies from eggs, and we will assist you in any way to hatch out your birds successfully.

These eggs we have are all very fresh laid and fertile and will give you very good and healthy babies when hatched. Shipping is available worldwide, and we provide brochures, auto-regulated incubators, cd tapes, etc., to customers get to hatch these eggs easily and successfully.


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